Accommodation rules

  1. Where to Stay can only guests who are duly registered. For this purpose, the guest worker at the front desk immediately upon arrival identity card, passport or other valid identification document and fill in the registration card.
  2. Hostel provides guests with services at least to the extent determined by the relevant professional standards within the class.
  3. privileges may be offered in exceptional cases and other accommodation than was agreed until substantially differ from the confirmed order.
  4. On the basis of the confirmed booking, the hotel is obliged to accommodate a guest at the latest 20 00 hours. and the same time reserved for the guest room, unless otherwise specified in the order.
  5. The guest is obligated, on departure day, the room till 10 °°, unless it agrees with the receptionist or the owner otherwise.
  6. If the guest asks for extension of stay, he may also be offered another room than the one in which he was originally accommodated.
  7. For the money and valuables hotel is responsible only if they were taken into custody, compared confirm-affairs, or are stored in the hotel safe.
  8. In the room guest can visit prosper only with the consent of the owner or a receptionist at the time the 08 00 and 20 00 hours.
  9. In the room or premises other hostels, guest may not without the consent of the accommodations to move equipment, make adjustments, and any damage to electrical or other installation.
  10. The hotel and especially the rooms guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This regulation does not apply to electrical appliances used for personal hygiene guest / shaver, massager and so ./
  11. Before leaving the room, the guest is obliged to conclude a room taps, turn off the lights and fan and lock the front door to the room.
  12. For security reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 without adult supervision in rooms or dormitories in other areas.
  13. The guests are not allowed to take into the room sports equipment and objects to store where space is restricted.
  14. Dogs and other pets can be accommodated at the hotel only in exceptional cases with the consent of the owner of the hostel, provided that the owner of the animal shows them to 100% health, and pay the appropriate fee for accommodation. Animals do not have access to the premises where they are prepared or served food and drinks. In all areas of the hostel they must wear a muzzle and should not be left unattended. Responsibility for damage or defects caused by animal hygiene property hostel or other hostel has a guest who accompanies the animal.
  15. At the time of the 22 00 hours. to 06 00 hours. guest must observe the curfew.
  16. The damage caused to the property of the hotel guest is responsible under the applicable regulations.
  17. For accommodation and services ordered guest is required to pay, in accordance with the valid price list, usually on arrival, or pay the extra for the services on departure. Price list price is available for inspection at the reception.
  18. The guest is obliged to observe the provisions of the House Rules. In the event that it cancels after-has lead accommodations right to terminate the contract for the provision of accommodation services before the agreed time.
  19. The accommodation rules shall enter into force on the date 1/11 2015