Accommodation rules - Turistická ubytovňa OSADA

1. Only a guest who has duly registered can be accommodated. For this purpose, the guest presents the employee at the reception desk immediately upon arrival with an identity card, passport or other valid identity document and fills in the registration form.

2. The hostel shall provide services to the accommodated guests at least to the extent determined by the relevant professional standard in the specified class.

3. In exceptional cases, the guest may be offered accommodation other than the one agreed upon, unless it differs substantially from the confirmed order.

4. Based on the ordered accommodation, the hotel is obliged to accommodate the guest by 21:00 pm at the latest. and will reserve the guest room at the same time, unless otherwise specified in the order.

5. The guest is obliged, on the day of departure, to release the room by 10 o’clock, unless he agrees with the receptionist or the owner otherwise.

6. If a guest requests an extension of his / her stay, he / she may be offered a room other than the one in which he / she was originally accommodated.

7. The hotel is only liable for money and valuables if it has been taken into custody as opposed to confirmation or is stored in the hotel safe.

8. The guest may only bring visits to the room with the owner’s or worker’s consent at the reception from 8:00 am. do 21 °° hod.

9. In the room or other premises of the hostel, the guest may not move the equipment, make adjustments or interfere with the electrical or other installation without the permission of the hostel management.

10. Guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the dormitory and especially in the rooms. This Regulation does not apply to electrical appliances used for the guest’s personal hygiene / shaving, massager and the like.

11. Before leaving the room, the guest is obliged to close the water taps in the room, turn off the lights and the fan and lock the entrance door in the room.

12. For safety reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the room or other areas of the dormitory.

13. Guests are not allowed to take sports equipment and items in their rooms.

14. Dogs and other pets may only be accommodated in the hotel exceptionally, with the consent of the owner of the hostel, provided that the animal owner demonstrates their 100% health and pays the appropriate accommodation fee. Animals do not have access to areas where food and drinks are prepared or served. All hostels must wear a muzzle and cannot be left unattended. The guest who accompanies the animal is responsible for damages or sanitary defects caused by the animal on the property of the hostel or other guests.

15. At 22 °°. to 06 °° the guest must observe the night peace.

16. The guest is liable for damages caused to the property of the hotel according to valid regulations.

17. The guest is obliged to pay for accommodation and ordered services, in accordance with the valid price list, usually at the time of arrival, or to pay for extra services on departure. The price list is on the website and on the notice board at the reception.

18. The guest is obliged to observe the provisions of these accommodation rules. In the event of a breach, the management of the hostel has the right to withdraw from the contract for the provision of accommodation services before the expiry of the agreed time.

19. These Accommodation Rules come into effect on 01.01. 2019

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