The relatively small area of Liptov and its surroundings, are also a number of interesting attractions such as rarely seen in the world. Liptov is interesting in summer and winter. Come and see for yourself.



Significant winter resort of Slovakia, which has become well-visited in the summer months through the beautiful countryside and many new attractions.

Distance 10 km


Malinô Brno

Ružomberok Ski Park is a popular place for domestic and foreign tourists.

Distance 19 km


Fairytale bird village

Located in the nearby Liptovské Revúce and is the work and the pride of our most famous lover of nature and an expert Miroslav Saniga.

Distance 7 km



It is a conservation area of folk architecture registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Distance 15 km


Castle Likava

Royal guard castle built before 1341 Gown Doncel. Architecture Castle is a valuable testimony to the period of late Gothic and Renaissance.

Distance 19 km


Liptovská mara

It is a dam built on the river Vah, in the middle of Liptov, where every summer thousands of recreational visitors. With a 365 million cubic meters of water, it is the largest in Slovakia.

Distance 35 km


Gino Paradise Bešeňová

It was founded in curative hot springs spewing from a depth of 1,987 meters through the hole at 60 ° C.

Vzdialenosť 30 km


Spa Lúčky

They are one of the oldest in Slovakia. They are accompanied by a yearlong Aqua-Vital Park with outdoor, indoor pools and vital world.

Distance 28 km


Tatralandia Holiday resort

It is a year-round resort of water fun in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Distance 40 km



omplex with a partial reconstruction of residential and cult objects from the Iron Age and early Roman period. Unique fortified sanctuary with traces of Celtic religious rituals.

Distance 30 km


Active pleasant holiday?

Active pleasant holiday in Liptov? Choose, order and enjoy.


Demänovská cave

ves are in Liptov few and it’s up to you where you go. The most visited caves are cave of freedom and the ice cave.

Distance 50 km