General terms and conditions

I Object of the contract.

  • The contract is to provide the agreed services by a provider based on customer requirements.
  • The requirement of the customer is clearly specified in writing (e-mail) order.

Time execution of the contract

  • In terms of customer orders.


Price and payment terms II.



  1. The price for ordered services is determined by the price list published on or agreement and is clear before confirmation.
  2. The client service provider will pay a deposit of min.20% of the total cost of the service at the agreed time.
  3. Provider after receiving the deposit to the account provider to confirm receipt of the deposit and reservation customer.
  4. From the time of receipt of the order until the providers agreed to credit the deposit account is deemed date of implementation services as reserved.
  5. paid deposit will be charged under the general tax document for the payment of the remaining part of the price agreed upon arrival.
  6. In the case that the client backup fails to pay properly and on time, the service provider is entitled to cancel.

The rights and obligations of the parties III.

  1. The service provider will:
    1. Provide Customer with relevant information on services and current prices, which are of interest to the customer.
    2. We provide services in the declared scope, time and quality according to current standards and standards of service options.
  2. The Customer undertakes:
    1. payment in due time the advance funding for services rendered.
    2. When you arrive it pay the remainder of the agreed price, or upon receipt of invoice (invoices) to pay a financial obligation to the service provider within the deadline date.
    3. Operating Regulations Respecting property.

Violation of terms of payment and contractual penalty IV.

  1. The Parties agree that in case of delay in payment of financial commitment to the service provider may apply interest on late payment of 0.05% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay.
  2. All cancellations of orders must be in writing or by email and must be demonstrably and clearly dated. The Service Provider in order cancellation charges following contractual penalties:
    1. a) cancellation or reduction of the range of accommodation:
      1. more than 60 days prior to arrival date – no charge
      2. 30 to 59 days prior to arrival date – 30% of the total of canceled accommodation services
      3. 15 to 30 days prior to arrival date – 50% of the total of canceled accommodation services
      4. 7-14 days prior to arrival date – 70% of the total of canceled accommodation services
      5. 1-6 before the agreed date – 90% of the total of canceled accommodation services
      6. the day of arrival 100% of total amount of canceled accommodation services
    2. b) in the case of early departure or unused ordered services provider pays the buyer the full amount of the price of all ordered services, except where the services were caused by failure to provide a service from the provider.
    3. c) contractual penalty will not be charged until the partial or total neodobratie product take place due to force majeure, but is necessary to document the client to the service provider.

Violation of terms of payment and contractual penalty in.


  • in case of breach of the contractual relationship, the contractor is required to pay damages caused to the other team, unless proves that the breach was caused by circumstances excluding liability.
  • Customer service is fully responsible for damage caused by deterioration, damage or destruction of property and the service provider from persons who are accommodated or involved in the action by the Client service provider ordered.
  • When personal contact is a contract drawn up in duplicate, and each party shall receive one copy.
  • Any disputes that arise from a contractual relationship, the Parties undertake to give priority to an agreement. If they fail to agree, the dispute shall be resolved by the courts according to the law of the Slovak Republic
  • Issues that are not regulated in this Agreement shall be governed by the Commercial Code.
  • a sign of approval that the contract was entered into freely, seriously, clearly and distinctly, without any unilateral advantages, confirms this authorized representatives of both parties signing the order.